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Your Inspiration at Home Dorothy Savage

Broken Hill - The Silver City

Broken Hill's massive orebody, which formed about 1,800 million years ago, has proved to be among the world's largest silver-lead-zinc mineral deposits. The orebody is shaped like a boomerang plunging into the earth at its ends and outcropping in the centre. The protruding tip of the orebody stood out as a jagged rocky ridge amongst undulating plain country on either side. This was known as the broken hill by early pastoralists. Miners called the ore body the Line of Lode. A unique mineral recently identified from Broken Hill has been named Nyholmite after one of the city's famous sons Ron Nyholm (1917–1971).

Royal Flying Doctor Service

The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS) is essential to the health and well being of Australians living in 80 percent of the country – an area the size of western Europe. This remarkable lifeline is every bit as essential and famous as the School of the Air. Experience the RFDS on a guided tour of its base. These tours run continuously so you won’t miss out. You can also watch RFDS activities showcased in film and in historic detail in the Mantle of Safety Museum.

The Sculptures

Within the 2400ha Living Desert Reserve, nestled amongst the Barrier Ranges, and located on a majestic hilltop, lies the Sculpture Site. In 1993 a successful sculpture symposium was held by artists from around the world. The resulting 12 sandstone sculptures highlight the skyline, all with a story to tell. The Sculpture Site can be accessed via a 1 km walking trail starting from the Flora and Fauna Sanctuary car park. There is also vehicle access to the sculptures. Just follow the signs.

The Miners Memorial

The unique site of the 'Line of Lode Miners Memorial and Visitors Centre', on the edge of the mullock heap that bisects the city of Broken Hill, could not provide a more dramatic and visible location. This drama is heightened after dark, when the floodlit buildings appear like a beacon shining across the city.

The Big Picture

The Silver City Mint and Art Centre is an Australian tourist attraction which is home to the World's Largest Acrylic Canvas Painting by one individual artist! The Silver City Mint and Art Centre is known for their on-site Silversmithing which can be viewed most days. Minerals, souvenirs, paintings and lithographs as well as the Broken Hill Chocolate Factory are all within the centre. Most Products can also be purchased on our website: www.silvercitymint.com.au.

Line of Lode

Rasp and his fellow station hands, David James and James Pool, pegged out the original lease in September 1883. They, along with George McCulloch, Phillip Charley, George Urquhart and George Lind were the Syndicate of Seven that formed the Broken Hill Proprietary Company, which would go on to become a giant of the global mining industry (BHP Billiton Group), providing Australia with a major source industry of export wealth for the first decades of the 20th century

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